A very special program for not recovering deleted items

Welcome to a new explanation in the past. We have explained and we have downloaded more than one program to recycle it again, but in this article the opposite is true, which is to delete files and documents and everything and not to restore it again by any means using a program called Prevent Recovery to not recycle again if you say that you are removing the currency For any program, document, or file in a healthy way that you do not need again, garlic formatting, hard disk partitioning, or the like, because you are wrong, there are many programs that we have explained before to view deleted programs:

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But through this program, which you will find at the end of the article, you are actually deleting the file or anything final while destroying the file first and then deleting the program, and this indicates that the program is very effective when it is damaged and deleted, so if someone recovered the file once Others succeeded, the file will be corrupted

This is the best and unique in this program
This program is used on computers and laptops and is also used to delete files from flash memory and USB as well
You should take this seriously, especially if you intend to sell your computer to someone. Because you don’t know who will get to your computer and how he thinks, and you may have some important pictures or videos that only you want to watch. In general, it is a very easy step and will not cost you much time, but it may provide you with a lot of problems and scandals that may occur as a result of your neglect of the matter .. You are indispensable.

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How not to recover files after deletion or formatting:

After downloading and running the program, the interface will appear to you as follows, select the disk from which you want to prevent recovery of deleted files from it, and you can apply the process to all disks one by one.

Then click “Continue.” Then, in the next stage, you will be prompted to select the type of method in which you want to replace the deleted old files with random files that the program will place in its place. You can select the first option as in the following image.

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Then click “Continue.” The program will then start the process of permanently destroying or deleting files from your computer.

This process may take hours if the size of deleted files is large. You can choose to turn off the computer when the option is finished, and the program will automatically turn off the computer after destroying files.

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