Change WIFI Name and Password on TP-Link Router

Change WIFI Name and Password on TP-Link Router

hey guys it’s Hema and today I will show you how we can change the Wi-Fi name our Wi-Fi SSID and password on the tp link router. So, first of all type your router IP address on your browser “”” “””

if you don’t know what is the IP address  of your router Look behind the router , and the link for the the default username and password for this stippling browser is admin and add me now login

here are a lot of options and from these options you have to select this wireless click on wireless

After you choose wireless you can name Wi-Fi  as you like as your wife’s name  and click  save

Now your choice will be your wifi name

If you want to change the password of this Wi-Fi click on this wireless security

use any of these two WPA or wpa2 personal or wpa wpa2 Enterprise but I do not recommend you to give this WEP because this is quite easy to crack this WEP encryption

so you have to type your Wi-Fi password on this field type at the Wi-Fi password that you like and click on save

Aftr you did oll these things the old wifi password will be weak you have to connect to your Wi-Fi again with a new password to log in  ?

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