Download iMyfone D-Back


Download iMyfone D-Back

Losing data from your mobile device is an experience that most people may be connected to. It is very heartbreaking to lose all your loved photos, videos, and recordings that you have gathered over the months or years in which you were using your mobile device. Fortunately, your files are no longer lost forever. You can use iMyfone D-Back by iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd. It was designed to recover lost data from iPhone and other Apple devices.

First impressions

Once you download the program, you will be taken directly to the screen. This is possibly one of the most designed, first of all, the program design is very stylish and professional. It has a blue and white color scheme. The other colors you use also blend seamlessly into the overall design. As for the interface, the screen is divided into two main parts: the side panel and the command window. In the side panel, you’ll find the type of recovery you can do while the Orders window contains commands that you can choose to perform the appropriate recovery. ta recovery software. Everything from façade arrangement to color scheme is so eye-catching.


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