Download iTools for Mac 2021 – direct link

Download iTools for Mac 2021 – direct link

Download iTools for Mac to get the latest version to manage and control iPhone and iPad on your computer with the amazing Macintosh operating system

One of the light tools that is designed to help users easily manage different files like photos, movies, music, and other folders for devices like Windows and smartphones like iPhone and iPad and iTools for Mac software to manage iPhone via computer management. And don’t forget that there is also the official program from Apple to iTunes that iTunes is implementing for the same purpose, but sometimes the features may be less, but it’s an official app.

When installing iTools for Mac on your device and running it, you must first make a connection between the computer and the iOS smartphone (iPhone, iPad, Touch, and iPod) and an idea somewhat similar to how the program works Windows Explorer function that helps you manage computer folders But this program has great options and an impressive array of tools.

It has a well-organized interface that allows you to access all other tools and functions without problems, and it is easy for the user to do many different tasks. Among these tools are:

  • Applications: By clicking on this tool all folders, files and applications installed on the operating system will be displayed
  • Media / Images: The program can control many media files, such as movies, music, and songs, as well as images, and the user can delete them to get rid of unwanted files. Easily edit files, change their name, and transfer from one place to another.
  • Make ringtone: The program provides the feature of creating and designing ring tones for your phone, which you implement by selecting the music file or song and then truncating the tone or clip from it and saving it anywhere on the device
  • Downloading: The user can download the songs or other files they need via this code, which helps them to download files from the web. The download speed depends on the user’s internet speed.
  • Upload: This cool post will help you share and upload your modified photos along with the ringtones and wallpapers you created with others.

These were some of the main tools of the program that had to be recognized, and when trying the program you will get acquainted with many other tasks that will benefit you in managing and organizing files, and we should not lose sight of the backup function provided by the program used and help it protect its important files (applications Photos, SMS, videos) from loss or infection with viruses by creating another copy for them and saving them elsewhere and restoring them at any time

Finally, we can say that managing the contents of your iPhone or iPad has become an easy and uncomplicated problem and you will not face any more problems with this program besides the great services it offers, the most important of which is the transfer and exchange of files from computer to iPhone and vice versa.

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