Download Microsoft Office 2013- 64-bit from the direct link

Hello and welcome to all of Mekano’s followers and visitors in today’s article, which is to download the full Office 2013 program from a direct link

Download Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows. It has become necessary on every computer a person uses, whether at work, at home, the company, or wherever a computer is located. The Office program is required because it includes many areas of use, including reading and writing text and electronic tables and mathematical operations that we do not need now, as well as presentations that are now necessary in education for some interpretations in colleges and schools, so it became very important to have a program my office.

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There are a lot of versions now, but what you’ll get now is Office 2013 in the 32 B English version
For each new copy of Office it is a small picture. Microsoft Office 2010
No exception. On Windows 7, the program continues to bet on innovation. All applications of this program use the ribbon interface,

The changes made by Microsoft Office 2013 are very numerous and amazing.
The Office button is completely renewed: instead of the menu, it opens a panel that consumes the entire program window. Previewing pasted content in Word allows you to know what the document looks like before importing it, while translation and screen capture tools help you optimize your documents. Easily merge graphs and graphs into Word text; Now the Email Conversions feature sets the Outlook button to delete all duplicate texts; PowerPoint can import video files using the integrated player.

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Name: Microsoft Office 2013
Description: Microsoft Office 2013 Professional English 64 bit
Version number: Pro Plus SP1 English
Copy Type: (64-bit)
Size: 833.31MB
Download from the direct link: click here