How to cancel friend requests on Facebook for computers

How to cancel friend requests on Facebook for computers

If you want to not receive friend requests on Facebook, this article may be of great help to you
Not receiving friend requests is very easy, and you will stop it in less than a minute
Too many social media users have come to live by sending friendship requests in abundance, whether people know you or not, especially if the account owner is a girl or a woman, so she is exposed to eating a lot every day to receive requests from many strange people that you do not know, and this is a big problem for some people
But in this explanation, I will deal with how to stop receiving friend requests permanently whenever you want and open them again whenever you want. One of the most prominent problems facing Facebook users is receiving messages of friendship requests from people you did not know before, especially if the Facebook account that you own is a public account, meaning that any of the other users can send friendship requests to you even if you do not know them just Random friend requests.

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In this post, we will make it easier for you to bother searching for how to do this in some steps that will help you avoid random friendship requests that are never welcomed, through Facebook without resorting to external services to do so.
All this is done only through the privacy settings of Facebook on your personal account, but to be clearer to you, in general, an unknown person tried to send a friend request to you, he will not find the option to add a friend or add a friend, this goodwill never be found, then that is what we will do and he is Cancel the friendship request button for anonymous people through different platforms such as your computer or smartphone.

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How to cancel the receipt of friendship requests on Facebook through the computer

Before anything, open Facebook and log in by entering your e-mail as well as your password, and then you will be able to control your privacy settings, through the following:

Click the arrow icon in the top right of the screen
Choose Settings or Settings
Click on the Privacy or Privacy List
Click Edit or edit the section of Who can send your friend requests

Or you can access this link from here

Then click on the box below the phrase Who can send your friend requests to specify the type of circles you want to send friend requests to you and you will find options that enable you to customize the knowledge circles that can send friend requests to you, such as anyone Everybody or Friends of Friends Or, you cancel the option to request friendship from scratch by selecting No one.
Then you can listen to your privacy at your own convenience without creating any inconvenience to your personal use on Facebook.

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