How to cancel friend requests to Facebook

How to cancel friend requests to Facebook

If you want or do not receive friend requests on Facebook, this article may be of great help to you
Not receiving friend requests is very easy, and you will stop it in less than a minute.

The way to the mobile phone

Too many social media users have come to live by sending friendship requests in abundance, whether people know you or not, especially if the account owner is a girl or a woman, so she is exposed every day to receiving requests from many strange people that you do not know, and this is a big problem for some people
But in this explanation, I will deal with how to stop receiving friend requests permanently whenever you want and open them again whenever you want.
All you will need to do is enter the settings without resorting to a larger device such as a laptop or your computer and all this through the official Facebook application in your smartphone:

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Fayyum opens the Facebook application.
Press the menu button to the left of the screen.
Do the clicking on Settings and Privacy.
Make a selection for Privacy Shortcuts.
Make a selection to view more privacy settings.
Then, you click on the option Who can send friend requests to you.

Through this menu you can choose to select the circle of acquaintances that can send friendship requests or choose all, that is, anyone can send a friend request to you or no one, any other user cannot see the Add Friend button!





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