How to listen WhatsApp voice messages without headphones

How to listen to WhatsApp audio messages without a headset



More and more smartphones and tablets are using easy instant messaging. WhatsApp also provides a lot of new features that help send private messages to stay and help them progress through the presence of many, many different applications. In this post, we will talk about a newly added feature and feature in WhatsApp, however, it is known to very few people despite its great importance.

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Sometimes you may encounter a problem, as contacts may not be able to make voice calls at some point. But the best solution is the ability to send voice messages in these situations. However, many people may not have a headset to receive mail. Consequently, he cannot play and listen to the message because it is played loudly through the loudspeaker on the phone, causing you a lot of embarrassment in front of everyone.

How can you solve this problem

The hidden WhatsApp trick will prevent you from facing this problem again. Very briefly, you should do the following:

All you have to do is press the play button in the message, then download your phone right away.

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WhatsApp will intelligently discover that your phone conflicts with your head, and converts into phone messages (like calls) instead of using the speakerphone. Change the message from the beginning, so you never miss a message, so there is no embarrassment again about the audio message. If your phone does not have a headphone jack, you will not need to connect the Bluetooth headsets to listen to your message.

Note for WhatsApp voice messages:

When you are recording a voice message, press the send button, swipe up to lock the app in recording mode. This helps you monitor your registration without resorting to long pressures as before, which is useful when you are busy.

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