How to stop sharing Google photo application with others

In this article, we will talk about how to stop sharing photos and videos with others,
Sometimes we like to have some privacy and don’t want others to share
Our photos, also in some videos in this application, and we will learn how to prevent other people from sharing photos and videos through the Google device application on the computer

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Just all you have to do is follow the steps below to get others banned! Your photos and videos:

From your web page on the computer, go to Google for pictures
Select the post and then open the shared album.
Then click on the More icon. A menu will appear, click on it
And then click Stop Share,
By this, we have stopped sharing photos and videos with others using the web.

How to prevent others from adding and sharing photos and videos to your albums:

Just all you have to do is go to your browser and go to google images
Then click on Share
Click and open the album.
Then go to the More icon and click on Options
Finally, press the “Collapse” button.
When finished, remove all the pictures that have been shared to not see them again with the friends that have been shared,
Thus, the albums that were shared with others cannot be seen.
Also, all photos, videos, and comments that have been shared with others will be removed.

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We wish you all the benefit of this article.