How to stop sharing Google photos through Android systems

In this article, we will talk about how to stop the photo-sharing service with others,
Too often, we may want to specify the audience or people to share some pictures with
Or specific videos, but we do not know how to get this feature and to know how to stop the sharing service only all you have to do is
Follow the following steps:

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First: If you have Android phones, just follow the following:

Go to the Google photo application
Then click on Share.
Click and open an album, and upon opening, click on the More icon.
A menu will appear, click on the options and click on the share option.
Then click on Stop Sharing.
Thus, we have stopped sharing photo albums or videos with others

Secondly, how to prevent users from adding photos and videos through shared albums between you by:

Go to the Google Image app and then open the application
And click on the post.
And then open the album and when opened, click on the More icon and then click on Options
Finally, select and click on the word Stop cooperation option.
Thus, we have prevented friends or others that you have shared before by not sharing your photos or videos.
Thus, we have explained how to stop the sharing service with others through pictures or videos,
We wish you the full benefit of this article

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