The best program to recover files from the flash

The best program to recover files from the flash in a guaranteed way


Hello and welcome to the post today, I have already clarified more than sharing some of the programs that recover recycling, and today I will put another program to recover Hetman for recycling, especially from USB flash, and whenever we find the best that we have downloaded within our site to always benefit from each program we find special and specialized And specializing in something specific,

Recycle Bin USB Flash Recover, which you will find at the end of the article, is one of the best programs programs that I find in research on the Internet, such as the programs I have explained before
Previously we have downloaded and explained more than one program for trash: a program to recover deleted photos, how to recover deleted photos and files from a memory card, flash, or hard disk, and Wise Data Recovery 2019 to recover deleted files
Also, a program to recover deleted files after formatting, which is: R-Studio to recover deleted files after formatting
In another explanation, we downloaded a program to the contrary, which is: A very special program that does not permanently recover the Recycle Bin, but in this tutorial you will get the best premium recovery program from flash, and it is also used in hard drive recovery.

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It often happens that some of us accidentally delete some files and videos from important programs from our computer, due to sometimes unwittingly coordinated operations or due to viruses.

We both lose the important data from the flash by mistake or we press the delete key by mistake, and here you can recover the lost data again on your computer through these programs

Hetman recovery is a free data recovery program for solving data loss problems, whether you accidentally deleted some files for a flash drive or hard drive, formatted a drive or experienced system crashes and lost some files, lost files can be recovered from the hard drive.
There are many ways to recover deleted files from USB, as there are many free and non-free programs that allow the ability to recover any file erased from the flash, be it video, image, pdf or any file in any other file format. Among them, we will learn about a program called hetman recovery, which is a program that you can download to your computer for free, and it is considered among the best programs in this field.

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The hetman recovery program is easy to use, which makes the process of recovering deleted files from flash easy and uncomplicated. Knowing that the program also supports the ability to recover deleted files from the computer even after formatting, as well as recover deleted files from the memory card.

How to recover deleted files from flash:

1 – Of course the first thing that you need to do is install the program from the bottom of the article or visit the same site from the bottom of the article and then download it as well.
2 – Install it in the normal way on your device and operate it.
3 – Connect the flash you want to recover deleted files from, then you will see the flash disk after connecting it to the computer as shown in the picture in front of you.

You can also recover any deleted files from your computer by selecting disk, c, d or f, and all disks will appear in the program interface. For example, to recover USB files, all you have to do is click on them with two successive clicks, then a window will appear for you as follows

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After that click on NEXT until flash memory is complete and recover any deleted files from flash, as well as recovery from any other disk.
After the scan is complete, a list of all files will be displayed after it is found

Files indicated in red are files previously erased from flash memory or any other disk you have selected.
To restore any of these files, click on them successive clicks, then a new window will immediately appear for you to specify where you want to save it and then click Next, and immediately after that the file will be downloaded to your computer.

Information about the program

Website: https: //
File size: 100
Version: 2019
Available systems: All operating systems
To download the program directly: click here


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