Turn on the Windows 10 Malware Protection feature

Turn on the Windows 10 Malware Protection feature

تشغيل خاصية الحماية من البرامج الضارة ويندوز ١٠

Since some of these programs are installed automatically, we will offer through this article a way to prevent malware from installing “automatically” and without using any additional software and through Windows 10 after the last update of this year.

In general, we will work through this article to clarify the details below so you can exit this article and you can stop installing malware automatically in Windows 10.

Malware is one of the preferred methods for hackers to access computers and their sequences. Most of these programs are installed automatically or in combination with other programs, in which case the user will not feel it.

After the latest update to Windows 10, which included several new features, which included support to prevent malicious software or other notorious programs from being installed, or to perform strange activity on your computer through the default “security” software.

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خاصية Reputation-based protection الجديدة بويندوز 10

The “reputation-based protection” feature was introduced in this version of Windows 10 and combined with system protection software in order to prevent any malicious programs or files from working automatically within the system.

What is reputation based protection

In short, this feature protects Windows 10 computers from malware or malware, because it processes, identifies, and prevents harmful activities on your computer.

Therefore, you do not need to download and install software specifically for protection from malware, because this feature is able to effectively protect you from this worrying type of virus and malware.

How to turn on the feature

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, you must have the 2004 version of Windows 10 to use this feature and you can check your version number in the settings then the “System” menu and then the “About” option.

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اصدار ويندوز

In the “Windows Specifications” section, you can see the system version in front of the word “Version”, and if your version of your version is earlier than 2004, you can download the May 2020 update through system updates.

In general, after confirming the system version, open Windows Defender from the taskbar, specifically on the clock and date side, then click on the ‘Reputation Based Settings’ option as shown in the screenshot below.


You can also activate the feature in Settings, then click on the “Update and Security” menu, then the “Windows Security” option, then click on the “Browser and Application Control” option. As in the picture below.



From the next window, click on the “Reputation-Based Settings” option, and through the “Block Unwanted Applications” option, and select either Block installed malware only through “Applications” or Download programs via “Downloads” or both.

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Now the feature is activated, and if the system notices strange software, it will install automatically or require abnormal powers, the program will be prevented from installing with a notification indicating this.

With this notification, you can either allow the program to be installed if you trust it, prevent the installation entirely, or isolate the program via the “Quarantine” option.

Also, if the program is classified as a malicious program, you can safely try the program through the “windows sandbox” feature, which allows default installation so that the program does not affect the system itself. If you do not encounter a problem, you can install the software in the normal way after that.


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