All the features of iOS 14 and the mobile phones that support it

All the features of iOS 14 and the mobile phones that support it


All the features of ios 14 and the mobile phones that support them In the coming lines, we will review all the features of the iOS 14 update that were talked about at the Apple Developers Conference last month. The update will be officially available at the end of this year in September.

We do not recommend starting to use the beta version on your personal device as this version is provided to developers because it is unstable so you may need to downgrade to the firmware version or your device is not working as required. I have compiled a list of the most important features of the iOS14 update in the form of a large list that includes a lot of features, you can see it below, then we will talk about the most important features that will benefit you daily:

IOS 14 features


  1. Add a widget on the Applications screen
  2. Library of applications
  3. Privacy access to photos
  4. Apple Translate app
  5. Privacy in Safari
  6. Image recognition feature
  7. My health app updates
  8. IMac updates
  9. Search by emoji
  10. Video play via applications
  11. Update your Game Center account
  12. Update the control center
  13. AirPods updates
  14. Automatic sound reduction in proportion to hearing
  15. Update application notes
  16. Connect watch charging alerts to your iPhone
  17. Fitness application updates
  18. Update home app notifications
  19. Update camera shortcuts
  20. Support for 4K playback
  21. Apple Maps Update
  22. AppleCare update
  23. Update the voice memo “noise cancellation”
  24. Pull colors from pictures
  25. Use Siri from anywhere
  26. Caution with the camera or microphone
  27. Incoming calls as an alert at the top of the screen
  28. Click behind the device
  29. Front camera reverse feature
  30. The most important characteristics in ios 14:


Looking at the previous list, you’ll have a general idea of ​​the basic updates that the new operating system brings from Apple, but there are some features that are worth talking about in some detail.

Picture-to-Picture: One of the most amazing features is that you can simply watch any video while exiting the current screen while the video remains running on applications.

For example, while writing a note on iPhone, you can watch a video at the same time, as well as the ability to drag the video to the side of the screen so that only the background sound plays without displaying the video, then drag the video to the screen as a thumbnail.

Use the tool anywhere: The user interface element is a region that displays some information, such as the weather tool, which displays temperatures and weather conditions in general, and the piece is certainly present before, but the new in ios 14 is the ability to create, move and add the tool in any Place even between apps themselves or on the main IPhone screen in addition to the default location.


Apple’s translation service relies on artificial intelligence, which means automatic language recognition and translation as the service works online without a network, in addition to that the incoming call will not work on the entire screen will be in the form of an alert that you can pull on the entire screen or be satisfied with The alert is at the top of the screen.

Library of applications:

With this feature, you don’t need to manually group apps in folder format. The system in ios 14 will perform this process automatically as an app library feature or screen is added to compile a group of applications that share the same goal in one folder.

Image link privacy:

In the past, when you wanted to share an image using WhatsApp, for example, you were faced with two options, whether to allow the app to access all photos or not, in the new update you can only allow WhatsApp to access only a specific image or images of an entire folder.

Camera and microphone privacy:

The update will provide the ability to know if there is any app currently using an iPhone camera or microphone to protect privacy as much as possible. When any app accesses the camera, an icon will appear at the top of the alert, where you can see the last app that uses the phone’s camera.

IOS 14 and mobile devices:

For iOS 14 compatible devices, it is very special, according to Apple data, users will be able to start from iPhone 6s iPhone 6s, so what is the latest system installation, so this update will get a large segment of iPhone users

IPhone SE
The second generation of iPhone SE
The seventh generation of iPod Touch
IPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
IPhone 7
IPhone 7 Plus
IPhone 8
IPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X
iPhone XR
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
IPhone 11
IPhone 11 Pro
IPhone 11 Pro Max.

IPhone SE
The second generation of iPhone SE
IPod Touch 7th Generation
IPhone 6s
IPhone 6s Plus
IPhone 7
IPhone 7 Plus
IPhone 8
IPhone 8 Plus
IPhone X
iPhone XR
IPhone XS
IPhone XS Max
IPhone 11
IPhone 11 Pro
IPhone 11 Pro Max.

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