Explanation of renaming files at once

Explanation of renaming files at once

For any purpose and for any reason, you may want to change or rename files at once, whether they are pictures or personal folders or files related to your work on the Internet or your government or personal work, or change the names of some programs at once, or change the names of audio and video files at once For your own purposes, dear reader.

In this article I will show you a way to change and rename files in one go, which is present in the image above is very easy, this method on Windows 10, but it works in all Windows systems in all versions,

In Windows 7 or XP you can select all files and then by right-clicking, you choose Rename and add the word you want to change files to, Windows will automatically change all the names of the specified files to the name you entered, with their numbering in order,

If you find it difficult, is that in Windows 7 or Windows XP, you can use the program which is
Batch file change program
This is a third-party program that makes renaming files in one go, effortlessly if you are having trouble changing file names in one go
This is for older versions of Windows such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7

As for Windows 10, the method is very easy

  • Select files to rename
  • Then press Rename in the top menu
  • Type the word you want to change files for
  • Press Inter
  • Or after selecting files, right-click and select RenameThat’s it, dear beautiful reader.

If you want to use a program, you can download it through this link

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