How to create icloud account for iPhone

How to create an iCloud account for iPhone

Hello and profitable to you again in a useful article about, iPhone phones and on how to create an iCloud account as well as an account for Labe Store and both are the same account in use

What is iCloud and what is it used for?

The iCloud account is used to backup your phone as a thumbnail on the Apple company, and you use it when you lose your data, lose your phone, or buy a new iPhone,
By entering an iCloud account, you return all your data again in one minute, the first less.
This is one of the most important and best features that Apple has managed,
In addition, an iCloud account also helps you to lose or lose the phone by not preventing anyone from using this device without knowing any iCloud,
Even if a factory setting is made so that he can use the phone
He cannot unlock the phone again without using iCloud knowledge

Make sure to keep your account on the iCloud and password while using them in these cases,
Or buy a new iPhone and you want to add your account again on the iPhone, so be sure to save them or write them in a place you have known

Create an iCloud account

Photo explanation:
Open the Settings icon by pressing the gear on the home screen in gray.

After clicking on the settings icon click on login as in the following image

Choose: You don’t have an Apple ID

Enter your birth date correctly and click on the next word as in the following image

Enter: your name, then your last name, and then click Next

Choose to create free iCloud mail

Enter any name for iCloud or enter your name with writing numbers so that your username is not used by someone else
Then click on Next

Choose the word “Continue” to complete the registration process in the iCloud

Enter the account password and you must keep it well
You must enter two letters a capital letter and a lowercase letter and then several numbers to accept a valid password
Then click on next as in the following image

Next, choose your country
Then insert the phone number to which you will receive the activation code,
You will also use it when you lose your password at any time.
Then put a checkmark in front of a text message
Then click on the following as shown in front of you in the following image

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