How to fix Windows 10 store problems

How to fix Windows 10 store problems

Do you sometimes encounter some problems in the Windows 10 Store that does not open or work well for you?
Sometimes it completely freezes from work,
Can’t update the apps page?
So, before you think about not downloading from the store, we will suggest a solution that helps you solve the problems of the Windows 10 Store.
By deleting the cache

As usual when accessing the different settings in Windows 10,
You search for Run, and then after the connection type (WSReset.exe),
Inside the box that appears in.Run

A page will appear with you with a blank black  (command). You will not do anything extra. Just wait a while .

All you have to do is wait as Windows automatically deactivates the cache and then launch the application store. These steps you can apply with is the release of Windows 8 and 10.



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