Registration laws

Welcome to the Mekano tech site
Always and forever we always strive to promote Arabic content and do our best to benefit others to provide a good browsing experience for visitors and we seek visitor confidence in our site by displaying useful and exclusive content on the site, so how will it be distinguished when you copy articles that you do not have the right to copy because of course this is theft and we do not We steal. By this, we distinguish our site members, but they are really distinguished. Because they wanted to register on the Mekano tech site to benefit others and not to conceal knowledge, and this in itself is a real distinction. Therefore, read the laws so that we do not make mistakes, we are all human beings, and these laws are nothing but remind you of what is right and what you must do when publishing a post

  • It is prohibited to copy articles and publish them here on the site
  • It is prohibited to publish posts that incite hatred or contempt of religions
  • It is not possible to write topics related to hacking devices or websites of all kinds
  • It is forbidden to write posts pertaining to BURIAL or CRACK programs because they have intellectual property rights
  • Do not copy pictures from other sites and add them to your blog, as your blogging should be a personal effort
  • When writing the post, write a suitable title for it, and the post must contain at least 300 words
  • When writing a post, put a picture or two on it with the content, so the picture is better than a thousand words and has a distinctive expression for the post


Information. After registering and writing articles, they are not published automatically except after the approval of the director. And when you are trusted, your rank will be raised to a writer to be published without anyone’s consent

Finally, we thank you for reading the laws, and we always welcome you as a member of the site family. You can register by CLICKING HERE

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