5 features that the Telegram app outperforms WhatsApp

5 features that the Telegram app outperforms WhatsApp 

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world, as its number of users reached more than two billion users around the world this year, and the number of messages sent through it reached 65 billion messages per day, so WhatsApp continues to provide updates and new features to stay ahead of The competition.

Despite all these figures,  the Telegram application is a strong competitor to WhatsApp, as the number of users reached more than 400 million users per month, and this number is expected to double during the coming years, as the company offers many new features on an ongoing basis to compete with the WhatsApp application.

Here are the top 5 features that Telegram outperforms WhatsApp:

1- The ability to modify sent messages:

One of the most important features available in the Telegram application, whether in smartphones, or in the desktop version, is if (Modify Sent Messages) feature, if you send a message to someone in the application, and you discover after sending it that it contains incorrect information or contains spelling errors, or you want Replace a word with another or make any modifications Generally, the app allows you 48 hours after sending during which you can make any modifications you want in the message.

You can modify messages sent within the Telegram app by following these steps:

  • Long press on the sent message you want to edit.
  • Click on the “Edit” option that appears as a pen at the top of the screen if you are using the Telegram mobile app.
  • Whereas if you are using the desktop version of the application, select the sent message that you want to modify, and you will see a bar that includes several options at the bottom of the screen, among them the option (Edit) Click on it.
  • You can edit the text as you like, then press Submit again. But keep in mind that the message you modified will appear next to it a small pen icon indicating to the other party that the content of this message has been modified.
  • If the other party is unavailable and has not yet read the message, you can completely delete the message from both parties, and the other person will not see any notice that you deleted it. This is in contrast to WhatsApp, which tells the other party that a message has been deleted.

2- Smart Notifications:

The Telegram (Smart Notifications) feature allows the user to mute notifications in any group that annoys him but will receive notifications when a member of the group mentions him, or when someone replies to his messages. It is not available on WhatsApp yet.

3- Group Permissions: 

The Telegram app allows its users to set default permissions to restrict all members of a group from posting certain types of content, or even prevent some members from completely sending messages, and only allow group administrators to chat.

4- The ability to send messages without sound:

Telegram allows its users to send messages to individuals or in groups without sound for notification, just press and hold the send button and choose to Send without sound. The recipient will receive a notification as usual, but his phone will not sound, and this feature is a great option for sending messages without disturbing the recipient.

5- Secret self-destructing conversations:

If you have cause for concern about privacy and security while communicating with someone, Telegram allows you to use secret conversations, and you can enable the self-destruct counter so that messages and files from your device and the other party’s device disappear after they are read or opened.

All secret conversations are saved in your phone and not uploaded to Telegram servers, meaning that only you can access them on the device from which they were created, and they will disappear as soon as you log out or delete the application.

To start a secret conversation on Telegram, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the Telegram app, and tap on the options menu which is three horizontal lines in the top right corner.
  • Click New Secret Chat.
  • Select the contact you want to communicate with through the menu, then start the conversation.
  • To activate the self-destruct counter; Click the clock icon – which appears next to the text box in iOS, and at the top of the chat screen in Android.
  • Then choose the time you want, and the counter will start when the recipient reads the message (when it appears next to it with two green marks). When the time expires, the message is deleted from both devices as if it was not written.
  • The self-destruct counter only works for messages sent after activated and does not affect previous messages.

Remember that secret conversations are related to the device, so if you start a secret conversation from one of your devices, you will not find it on another device. Also, if you log out, you will lose all of your secret conversations. You can also create multiple secret conversations with the same person if you wish.

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