6 tips and tricks to help you shoot at night with a smartphone

6 tips and tricks to help you shoot at night with a smartphone

Night photography using an Android phone or iPhone camera can be boring, because you often face many difficulties, such as: low light and intense contrast in colors, but you can overcome these difficulties with the help of a few simple tips and tricks to get unique shots no matter how poor lighting.

Here are 6 tips and tricks to help you shoot at night with a smartphone:

1- Use the night mode:

Most of the latest flagship phones, such as: Pixel 3, 3 XL, Huawei P30, and iPhone 11 provide Night Sight feature that exposes multiple exposures and then combines them to create a better result and reduce image noise.

2- Use a tripod:

If you are a fan of night photography on a regular basis, the best way to prevent motion blur and get a clear picture during long exposure is to keep the camera stable, in which case you will need to use a triple phone holder or a mobile stand such as the Glif stand.

3- Using long exposure applications:

When shooting in low-light with a professional DSLR camera, you get proper exposure by extending the shutter opening time, but in smartphones you can use applications that allow you to do this, such as: the iPhone manual application or the Android manual camera allows you to control How long the shutter remains open.

4- Use the phone flash light:

When you are trying to shoot in the dark, you can always use an extra light and illuminate what you are photographing, as you can use the phone lamp, but since the lamp will be somewhat intense, you can place paper napkins or paper over the flash to soften the light, or use a color filter to give Different sense of the image.

5- Convert the image to black and white:

Low and high light can darken your photo, although you can set it to a great black and white picture, or add a little light when editing to mask inconsistent colors and noise.

6- Take advantage of the backlight:

You can take silhouettes in front of store windows, street lights, or anywhere the lights flash easily behind your subject for well-lit photos.


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