causes of phone battery swelling

Learn the causes of phone battery swelling.

The first solution

1 – The battery is not good
2_ The charger is not compatible with the device
3_ Charge the device incorrectly (for example, if it is 10% low, it will charge and should not be charged unless the battery is weak)
4_ Finally, the device is broken and is limited to the following 1 – charging socket 2 – charging AC 3 – battery blades 4_ the piece responsible for regulating the voltage in the device
Other than these slots
Well, the other one said that this solution would be nice, and the reasons why we would see what he said

The second solution

Comment on improperly charging the device. .
On the contrary, the entire battery was full, and the longer it lasted …
The battery has a shorter life when deep discharge and has a lower cycle number
I thought, I think about the first solution, which completely contradicts the idea. This constructive criticism continues. Come on, let’s take an engineer who shares a bit. It analyzes the matter in a simple way.

The third solution

There is a Zener diode and this is its function
When the battery is full, it will leak voltage to the ground
For example, you leave the phone with the charger at night and nothing happens to it
When the diode is damaged, the battery will drain
Sometimes an explosion occurs
You will see compelling reasons. Come, we will go to our beloved. He said this is the broadest solution and is very close to the missing solution.

The fourth solution

Causes of battery inflation

1 pubg
2 Using the device when connected to a charger, the extra heat helps to get reactions in the battery that lead to the accumulation of gases inside the battery body. The gases themselves do not cause a problem to the battery but they put pressure on the battery layers and may lead to contact with its electrodes, which leads to its explosion.

3- means rapid discharge or rapid charging of the battery in the event of a leak or lack a device that leads to battery discharge and thus generating heat that causes the aforementioned or charging at a voltage higher than the specified voltage of the battery, for example, the arrival of 5 volts to the battery blades when charging for some reason

The important thing in all cases is that the reason is rarely the type of battery itself

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