Important Lessons On The Need For Change In Achieving Digital Transformation

Important Lessons On The Need For Change In Achieving Digital Transformation

Schneider Electric was founded more than 180 years ago, and during that period we made many changes in our field, so we started with iron and steel and now we offer digital solutions for energy and automation to achieve efficiency and sustainability, and we have learned many lessons during our path that was broken by many successful changes.

I had the opportunity to participate in a global podcast conversation with Omar Abboush, CEO of Accenture of the Accenture Group of Accenture for Communication and Media and Technology along with a musician and charitable activist and technical investor, and I would like to share a deeper insight into what it means to make a wise decision to change Your path towards efficiency and sustainability based on the four lessons Schneider has learned.

You need to know your destination before embarking on the journey, and sustainability is the essence of what we do at Schneider Electric, so we chose efficiency as an approach for us for 15 years, and our mission is clear, consistent and consistent and aims to enable everyone to accomplish more using less resources, and ensure energy management is beneficial and sustainable for everyone Everywhere and time, we consider with our approach that combating climate change caused by carbon emissions is one of our most important duties as a company, and when it comes to this issue, I am neither pessimistic nor optimistic: but effective.

This daily approach aims to build a path that enables us to fulfill our commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2030, and the huge opportunity before us is to turn everything into electrical work worldwide, and facilities that use electricity as the primary source of energy are expected to double by 2040. Meanwhile, BNEF expects two-thirds of the energy to come from renewables.

This development between centralized energy systems and decentralization and the linkage between energy and digitization will lead to more opportunities for real efficiency and sustainability, as buildings in the past year become smarter thanks to IoT technology and electricity, and industries become less energy-consuming, cities and data centers more efficient, so Let us cooperate and walk hand in hand, leaders, employees and partners, and move forward in empowering life, progress and sustainability for all.

Innovation and advanced technologies are essential

There are two types of changes in the work: the changes that you are the pioneers and get back to the company with benefit, and the changes that you have to face and support as restrictions, which are usually difficult and undesirable, and you should expect the two types to happen and be innovative to be leaders of the wave of change forward, so we innovate and introduce advanced technologies to become The world is more sustainable. We work to reduce energy costs and make them more sustainable, as well as developing processes to be more efficient in order to reduce the impact of human activity on natural resources.

Reducing energy consumption and raw materials is an imperative for all of us, from buildings, to industry, and from cities to data centers. We have allocated five percent of annual revenue to research and development, and 45 percent of our revenue today comes from related products, solutions and services, and we cooperate in innovation with partners And customers to accelerate this commitment and convert it to digital, because together we can accelerate efficiency and sustainability, and by working with clients like Hilton and Whirlpool for example we create a more sustainable future.

Good change takes place based on knowledge, history and strength

Accenture calls this turning point a wise change, which is an ideal analogy, because you need one foot on the old side and another on the new side to succeed in accompanying or making change. As the world becomes intercultural, and more inclusive, openness and cooperation are sources of this flexibility. , And there are many advantages to having technologies like the cloud that connects many people across geographic regions, enabling revolutionary technical ideas today and in the future.

Adaptation also comes with proximity and is the reason behind creating and nurturing multiple centers, and the reason that enabled us, through our global and local approach, to build the widest network of partners in the world. Partnerships bring this kind of flexibility and adaptation, which have great importance in their role for achieving success in our rapid digital economy, and needs The world today is a collective will to bring about tangible change, and the lesson is clear: not one person or one company will be able to transform on its own, but digital transformation requires an integrated collaborative effort on a large scale.

This is exactly what we do through our digital system and our Schneider Electric Exchange business platform for example, where technology companies can develop analytics and connected services, provide software applications as a service (SaaS) that allow machines to speak and improve factory production performance, and enables one of these developers by connecting to a system Exchange can address the problems of Hellenic Dairies plant activities, including continuous cleaning cycles, to improve its duration and reduce water consumption by 20 percent.

People are the most important factor in developing digital transformation in any company

Our employees and partners are the main driver of development thanks to their innovations, digital talent and their ability to demonstrate the power of societies working together for change, and for this we are committed to unleash the unlimited possibilities of an open, global, and innovative community enthusiastic about our worthy goal, our comprehensive values, and our empowerment initiative, and since the change is profound, we We need the support of the people around us to make the most of these new technologies.

For example, if you work in the digital field, you can start training your operators in virtual reality using a digital model that includes the most complex situations before they move to the oil extraction station, ship or building, and operators can be trained entirely within a digital model thanks to the availability of augmented reality before they start Working on the ground, improved safety conditions are another positive aspect of digital transformation in this case.

Make your own changes to achieve digital transformation

People are the primary driver of digital transformation, the future of the digital economy and its ability to increase efficiency and sustainability lie in the hands of cooperative societies, and we invite you today to take advantage of the four lessons we have learned and draw inspiration from the Schneider Electric Exchange community to kick-start your change initiative to achieve digital transformation.

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