How to change the password of Modem Ooredoo- Huawei

change the password of Modem Ooredoo 

Hello , everyone ..hello, my followers and visitores of Mekano Tech website ,in a new and useful article about the explanations of the device of wifi ,that we make in this part alot of detailed explanations for each device and Modem settings such as ( change the wifi password, the name of net, and the protection from breakthrough …etc of alot of different devices of many countries .

Now, in this explanation ,we will take about Modem Ooredoo wifi that belongs to Kuwait and Oman or if you use it in any another place ,follow with me the explanation step by step also with pictures to can change the password without any troubles.

The explanations of Modem Ooredoo

Now, we will show you a detailed explanation of Modem Ooredoo:

1-How can you change the password of Modem Ooredoo.

2- How can you change the name of this Wifi .

3- How to protect the Modem from breakthrough.

The steps of How to change the password of Modem Ooredoo

1-Open any browser 

2-write in the address bar

3- press settings

4- write( admin) or (user)  in the user name , and the password is( admin) or (user ).

5-Press on the word ( continue) to log in

6-Then press settings

7- Choose( WLAN ) from it choose ( wlan bassic setting )

8-Put the password inside a square beside( wpa pre shared kay)

9- finally, choose ( Apply)

The explanation step by step with picture to change the password of the Modem Ooredoo

Open any browser and put the( ip) of the Modem , sometimes ,it may be ( or ( or ( or look behind the device ,you can find it beside (ip) .

After writing the (ip) ,go to the settings then press (settings)

This choice will ask for the name and the password of the Modem ,write the user name ( user ) or ( admin ) and the password ( user ) or ( admin ) .

Then go to ( WLAN ) from it choose wlan bassic setting .

Put the new password beside the square of ( wpa pre shared kay )

Finally , press ( Apply ) to keep the changes , and enjoy with the internet without anyone take your password unless you give him/ her it .

Now ,Goodbye .. wait us in a new explanations for this Modem with the change of the name of the network and protect the Modem Ooredoo …

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