Clean your computer from viruses

Clean the device from malware

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How to explain cleaning your device from harmful programs that slow down the device and work to reduce its performance and speed, whether it is through the use of the Internet or through the use of the device in games or watching videos and use in a lot of personal matters, only we will provide you In this article, how to delete malware through Google Chrome site and this feature has been added by Google to its users without resorting to unknown and harmful programs only all you have to do is follow the following steps: –
Just all it has to do is go to the Google Chrome browser and click on the settings, and when you click on it another page will appear for you just click on the advanced settings that are at the bottom of the page just click on it and you will open another page then go to the last page and click on the word Removing malware from your computer.

Clean your computer from viruses

When you click on the word remove malware from your computer, another page will appear, click on the search word that is next to the word find and remove malware.
And when there are any programs, just click on the settings, and then click on Reset. This will not delete the registry and the reference instructions and also the saved password but will reset the startup page, the new tabs page, the installed tabs, and the search engine, and it also works To disable add-ons, including cookies, but that Jeddah finds the same problem without scanning malware on your device, just all you have to do is download the modern version of Google Chrome and do the previous steps, and take advantage of them to make your device free from malware with it.
We have thus explained how to remove malware from your device with ease.
We wish you to benefit from this article.

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