converting video to text for Android

Video to text conversion program

converting video to text for Android
Hello my friends, in an explanation of a wonderful program that converts the video to written text,
Or to words that you can copy and share anywhere, whether on Messenger, WhatsApp or Facebook,
And other social media,

Convert video to text

Sometimes we all want to watch a video, and then write from it,
but this wonderful program or application for Android enables you to convert the video into words or written text, the program’s features are not only limited to converting the video into words and written text, but it has many features that I will list to you, In the coming lines,

Features of the video to speech conversion program

  1. It supports a wide range of languages including English and this is important to us
  2. The program is easy to use and also supports iPhone and Android
  3. It converts audio into written text and speech
  4. It converts the video to written text and speech
  5. It converts the video on WhatsApp to written speech
  6. It converts the video on Messenger into written text and speech

How to convert video to written text

The use of the program is very easy, the expert and not the expert can use the program. The program is surprisingly easy so that you can convert the video and audio into speech and the duration of the video that the program converts to text is two minutes, and this period is not short,
The video-to-speech program requires it to work alongside other applications such as, Whatsapp, Telegram, Line application, and some other social networking applications, especially chatting applications,
After downloading and installing the application to convert the video into text and speech, send a video to yourself for this experiment, on WhatsApp, and then do the following

  1. Long press on the video you sent yourself instead of the chat
  2. Click to share
  3. Choose a video-to-speech application called Voicepop
  4. The application begins the process of converting the video of your choice to text and written speech
  5. Just that’s it, you can copy and share the text and do whatever you like

To download the application for Android from here

To download the app for iPhone from here

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