Dangers of leaving your laptop in charging and a long time

Dangers of leaving your laptop in charging and working for a long time

Is it safe to leave your laptop on charge while on the move and work for extended periods of time? Or is it more appropriate to leave it to complete its shipment and then work on it? What is the best battery? It’s a tricky question, especially with Windows 10 power settings that have more than one different system and there are some contradictory tips on this.

What happens when you let your laptop charge for a long time:

It is important to understand the basics of how Li-ion and Lipo Li-polymer batteries work in modern devices.

This type of battery is considered safe if you leave the laptop turned on for a long time, not when 100% charging and leaving the laptop connected causes the charger to stop charging the battery, the laptop will work directly outside the power cable, after which the battery will be slightly discharged, and the process will start to Charge the charger again, then the battery stops working, and here there is no risk of battery damage.

All batteries wear down over time (for several reasons):

The laptop battery will always wear out over time. The more charge cycles in the battery, the higher the battery consumption. Different battery ratings vary, but you can often expect around 500 full charge cycles, which does not mean that battery discharge should be avoided.

Storage of the battery at a high charge level is bad, on the other hand, which makes the battery run out to a completely empty level every time you use it bad as well. There is no way to tell your laptop to leave the battery 50% full which might be perfect, in addition, the battery will also consume at higher temperatures faster.

In other words, if you leave the laptop battery in a cabinet somewhere, it would be better to leave it with a powerful charge of nearly 50% and ensure that the cabinet is reasonably cool. This will extend your battery life.

Remove the battery to avoid heat:

Here we realize that the heat is bad, so if your laptop has a removable battery, you may want to remove it if you plan to leave it connected for a long time, and this ensures that the battery does not expose to all these unnecessary heat.

This is very important when the laptop is really hot, like playing high capacity games.

Should the charger be left connected or not?

In the end, it is not clear what is worse for the battery. Leaving the battery with a capacity of 100% will reduce its life, but running it through frequent discharge and recharge cycles will also reduce its shelf life, basically, no matter what. However, you will wear the battery and lose its capacity. The question now, what makes battery life slower?

Some computer manufacturers say leaving the laptop connected all the time is good, while others recommend not leaving it for any obvious reason. Apple advised not to leave its devices connected all the time, but the battery tip no longer says that. Dell also provided many tips on its page for leaving or removing a laptop charger.

And if you’re worried about keeping your laptop connected all the time, you might want to put it on a one-time charging cycle every month to be safe, and Apple recommends that to keep the materials that make up the battery flowing.

Unloading and recharging:

Placing the laptop in a full charge cycle from time to time can help calibrate the battery on many laptops, ensuring that the laptop knows exactly how much charge is left, in other words, if the battery is not calibrated correctly, the Windows operating system may work I think you have 20% battery remaining at 0%, and your laptop will shut down without giving you many warnings.

By allowing the laptop battery to fully discharge and then recharge, battery circuits can see how much power is remaining, but you know this is not necessary on all devices.

This calibration process will not improve your battery life or save you more energy, and will only ensure that your laptop provides you with an accurate estimate, which is one of the reasons you may not leave your device connected to a charger all the time.

End – Do you want to leave or remove the laptop charging cable?

In the end, I always know that to know if it is safe to leave the laptop when charging and working for a long time, you should consult the advice of the company from which you bought your device, but in any case, the battery will not work forever, and over time the capacity will be less regardless Whatever you do, everything you can do lasts a long time so you can buy a new laptop.

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