Download Folder Lock

Download Folder Lock

Folder Lock Folder Lock to protect files with a password

Folder Lock. It is one of the best programs that do the job of protecting folders or files with a password, starting from its wonderful features that are difficult for you to provide in another free program. And quality in this article because it is very popular with users of the Windows operating system, and this program has been downloaded according to the statistics of their official website, about 55,582,839, this is the most famous program to lock the folders with a password, but it is the most common of course.

Folder Lock password features

Lock folders:

Lock files in seconds, and also hide them from anyone else’s eyes. Once a file is locked, it will be hidden from its original location, and the file can only be seen or controlled by someone who encounters Folder Lock to protect files with a password.

File encryption:

Create a safe in a password lock program, such as the banks where you place your money, which is a safe place. Indeed, Folder Lock makes safe digital storage. You can do this by copying or copying any folder you want to encrypt and make a paste into its Folder Lock encryption.


Password Lock and File Protection provide two-way encryption and backup, allowing you to backup your safes or encrypted hard drives over the Internet. This feature allows you to create a password-protected backup of lockers so that the information is not only secured from prying eyes but also protected from loss or damage. If your computer is stolen or the data is deleted, you only need to recover your data from your online account.

USB protect:

Folder Lock can protect and encrypt files, keep errors and information in the program to the USB flash memory. Also, any external hard drive (external hard drive) and also burn them to CDs such as a memory card or DVD (disks).

Screenshots inside the program

Program data

Program name: Folder Lock
Official site:
Software license: Free
The size of the program: 11 MB

Download Folder Lock


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