Download imo 2021 for pc and mobile for free – direct link

Download IMO 2021 for pc and mobile for free

Download the 2021 Imo instant messenger for computers and smartphones.
IMO is the ideal choice for making high-quality audio and video calls quickly and for private chatting with a friend or group of friends. Although it’s completely free, Imo does not put you in the limit on the number of calls and text messages that can be made, you can count on it to communicate continuously with your friends and family around the world without any fees, and without having experience dealing with complex Android applications, Imo relies on more meaningful icons to facilitate user interaction, so Imo is suitable for all users.

Imo features and advantages

  • Chat by text messages, send photos and videos, and make voice and video calls.
  • Create chat groups with the friends you choose to exchange correspondence, photos, and videos.
  • High-security rate Imo also used a complex system of firewalls and encryption algorithms, so it is safe and reliable for companies and individuals alike.
  • Use free emoji stickers while sending messages, and also put stickers on sent photos to add personal touches to them, and texts can be added to photos.
  • Start Live to create live streaming sessions, to share with your friend’s important events in real-time.
  • The stories feature as a picture, a short video clip, or even a share for all your friends to watch instead of sending them privately, with the ability to comment your friends on the stories you have published and put expressions on, and before preparing stories that can add rich text, emoji, and geographic location.
  • Imo gives you the ability to block calls to prevent hackers from bothering you to keep more of your privacy.
  • Imo combines features of Whats App – Viber – Skype so that it can be relied upon to communicate with your friends, as it includes all the features.
  • It supports all networks like 2G – 3G – 4G networks and ADSL digital internet lines, and the application is more stable than other networks in case of weak internet connection.
  • Imo app works on Android – IOS – Mac – Windows.

Finally, the Imo app has managed to get half a billion downloads on the Android platform, and it can be said that the app has a great fan base, download it now and enjoy a great experience.

Imo Program Information

Official site: home page
Compatible with: Windows – Android – iOS – Mac
License: Free

Download IMO for computer
Download IMO for Android
Download IMO for iPhone
Download IMO for mac

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