Download predator USB

Download predator USB

Predator is a program dedicated to protecting computers,
The predator program is considered open to your device as if you were opening anything through the open keys
Predator converts any private device into a USB memory stick to a key that blocks access to your computer.
The predator creates a private key in your USB drive and then manages it inside the system while it is monitoring. The key is renewed every few seconds to protect your device more effectively.
The moment you leave the computer, simply disconnect the USB memory device and the computer will be blocked: The screen will appear in black and the keyboard and mouse will not respond. When you come back, plug in the USB device again and Predator will make the computer return to normal.
The predator is easy to use, although it may benefit from more information about the functionality of the program and the appropriate help section.
With Predator, you can block access to your computer while you are away with a simple USB memory device.

Download the program with OS 64

Download the program with OS 32


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