How to change username and password TP-Link Archer C7

how to change the username and password


  • I think my website was very useful to you, i appreciate it and i am glad i can help some people, so here is how to change password if you have tp-link Archer c7 version 3 if you have older version 3 v1 or v2  this I guess the UI is different so it won’t work the same for you but if you have the latest version this is how you do it go to your browser  and just open up your administrative  interface you go to tp-link Wi-Fi net

change the user name and password

this will be your router that it’ll lock into by default you’re gonna use admin and admin for the username and password

I have changed mine so I’m going to type in my credentials and you log in once your router interface loads you go over to the left side and you go to system tools .

you scroll down and you go to password

right here then up here you can type in your old username so if yours if you haven’t changed yours you would type in admin for the old username and you type in admin again for the old password then you can set your used your new username like right here like I set mine to EMM X that’s just what I use for whatever

reason and then you can type in your new password twice right here I personally you can use whatever you want for your password I recommend using a secure password I like to use a combination of two uppercase characters two lowercase two numbers two special characters some people think that’s a little overboard but I was in the Marines and I was an IT and that was just the standard you had to have you had to use a password that was to upper to lower to special characters you couldn’t use numbers and Secession like 1,2,3,4

you couldn’t use her name you couldn’t use your one-year past fifteen passwords it was pretty ridiculous but so I got used to changed my password every month and it’s just that’s the standard I used but you can use whatever you want I just recommend using something secure for example let’s just go do a quick example if you wanted to do something like if you want to use you can use like a phrase like I love tp-link routers

so you would use I just say I love tp-link routers but you wouldn’t want to just say that you would want to change it up so it’s something that you can’t really guess so you might want to change it to something like the number one for I I capital L 0 v3 tp-link routers bang-bang or something like that so it’s pretty secure but it’s something that you know it’s easy to remember you just got to remember you know maybe you can’t use something consistent like change all the eyes to ones or all the three East of threes or something so it’s easy for you to figure to remember what it is so that’s how you change your password thanks for watching

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