how to convert an MBR to GPT

hello everyone how are you doing

this is MD-10 here another quick

tutorial in today’s This article you guys how to convert an MBR to GPT

during a Windows installation if you have an

NTFS hard drive format

so this should be a pretty quick tutorial and

this should be fairly quick and straightforward so we’re kind of jump right into it so we’re going to start by opening up the windows and installation

media we’re using so if you already have a CD or DVD already burned with Windows 10 on it and you’re getting the error

saying that the windows cannot be sold to this desk the selected this has an MBR partition table so that is where

we’re going to be asked for this video so we’re gonna go underneath the DVD drive here if you were booting Windows 10 off of the flash drive you want to

okay so after you’re done entering in

your windows setup information you want to salt next and then select install now

now at this point, you want to hold down

the shift and the f10 key on your keyboard so the function 10

came so again hold down shift and f10 at the same time to open up the command line window here now that you’ve done that we’re gonna start

typing in some commands here the first one will be disk part so D is K please note I’m selling desk with a K here so disk part pa rt then you want to hit

enter if you type the in corrupt we should say Microsoft this part version whatever now for this part what we’re gonna do now is type in list disk then

you want to hit enter now you might have a multiple disk listed in here now in my case and if your case is wallet here this tech-savvy to get to this point

you’re probably gonna know which disk is your main hard drive or whichever Drive you’re looking to install windows on based on the size listed here and the

status type and if you a little bit more tech-savvy you might be able to pick out other things as well but the size should be the primary driver as to identifying

which disk you want to install windows on or whichever District having the problems with to begin with because you were getting this issue when you’re

trying to install windows 2 or CERN disk

so if you’re trying to remove this error with this MBR error petition table with

a specific disk you should already know which disk it is so I’m gonna select the disk 0 here so in order to do that it’s very simple to do we’re just going to

type in select another space desc another space a 0 so select disk 0 0 is the number 0 don’t spell out 0 z ero once you’ve typed in like it appears on

my screen you want to hit enter and now we’ve selected this 0 as our disk that we’re going to be working in today and

once you’ve done that you want to type in clean so CL EA n so clean then hit enter this will begin cleaning the desk

and it should say this part succeeded in cleaning the desk pretty straightforward here and now we want to type in convert so CO and

VRT space GPT so convert GPT I have GPT all capitalized here just to you guys can identified so you can hit enter

and it should say this part successfully converted this to light the disk to GPT format and once you’re done doing that

you’re pretty much done just type in

exit into this part utility then type exit one more time and now at this point if you had a product key to insert it

here if you don’t have a product key

just select I don’t have a product key select the version of Windows 10 you

were looking to install earlier again

pretty straightforward here accept the end-user license agreement after you’ve ,looked through it and let’s say we

wanted to just install Windows and we

see we have our one drive here let’s say this was a driver we’re having an issue

with before just love cooking on it and so I think next if you don’t receive an error at this point that means you’re

probably good to go so I do hope this

brief the article wasn’t able to help you guys out and as always thank you for reading

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