How to create Twitter cover with the appropriate size

How to create Twitter cover with the appropriate size

Twitter cover size and size The Twitter cover size differs from other social site sizes such as Facebook,
You are here in this article to know the size of the Twitter cover, this is because you uploaded and modified your own image but it did not appear
And you did not like it, here comes the solution in this simple article, in this article the simple explanation to know what
she ,
Dimensions, size and size of your profile photo and cover on Twitter,

Twitter cover size

What you will get from this article

  1. Know the size and dimensions of the cover image on Twitter to appear properly
  2. Knowing the size of the profile picture on Twitter to appear properly
  3. How to make a cover for your personal page or account on Twitter
  4. Create cover on Photoshop

Twitter Cover

The cover size and size of the image on Twitter is: 1500 x 500 thousand five hundred in five hundred and this is the appropriate size for the cover image to appear neat and beautiful exactly
Size and size of the Twitter profile picture is 400 x 400 four hundred in four hundred This is the appropriate size for your Twitter profile picture

How to make Twitter cover

  1. Open Photoshop or any program for creating and editing pictures that you are familiar with, or you can work on
  2. After opening the program, you click on the word New or in the photo editing program, whether it is
  3. Photoshop or any other program
  4. Choose the image dimensions for the cover by choosing 1500 x 500
  5. Choose the image dimensions for the Twitter profile picture by choosing 400 x 400
  6. Choose the sizes, in pixels, of any program that you create the image on
  7. Download an image from the Internet and then place it in a photo editing program or choose a selfie on your device
  8. After finishing, save it as png

In this article we have displayed the cover image dimensions for Twitter and also the profile picture on Twitter,
If you find any problems creating this image in the program you are dealing with, I advise you to install the Photoshop program for easy handling,
Or you can go to the internet and search for a site to make a cover for Twitter. You will find many sites that offer this service for free, without the hassle of designing and saving the image,


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