How to delete Google Sites history automatically

How to delete Google Sites history automatically

Google announced in 2019 that it will provide a tool that allows users to delete location history and activity data automatically, as the user will need to enable this feature, which means it is turned off by default, but Google has changed its approach ever since.

When Google announced a post on its blog that it will allow automatic deletion by default, this means that after 18 months, all your data will be automatically deleted without any interference from you. This will cover your search history, whether on the web or inside the app, registering your site as well as voice commands collected through Google Assistant or other devices that support (Google Assistant).

The auto-delete feature will also be enabled by default for new users only, and if you are an existing user, you will still need to run it manually, but Google states that it will enhance the option on the Search and YouTube page to encourage users to run it, and the 18-month period will be the default period set, However, users who enter the settings will have the option to choose a shorter period, or they can choose to manually delete their data when needed.

delete Google Sites history automatically

  • Go to the data and personalization page on Google.
  • Select either (Web & App Activity) or (Location History).
  • Click (Activity Management).
  • Click (Choose) to delete automatically.
  • Choose either 3 months or 18 months.
  • Click {Next).
  • Click (Confirm).

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