How to earn money from Facebook videos 2021

How to earn money from Facebook videos

There are many ways and methods to take advantage of the Internet, through self-employment through many and many areas of websites and independent disciplines that are looking for those looking to make money from this virtual world.

The social network Facebook is among the networks that did not allow us for a short period of profit even through one dollar, but with the passage of time and Google competed with it and excelled in a number of areas, Facebook reviewed itself and changed the policy and openness preferred for users and makers of electronic content.

Recently, Blue Network Facebook announced a number of ways to earn money from Facebook, and one of the most used methods is to earn through Facebook videos.

Advertising breaks on Facebook

You will earn from the videos that you will post and share with others through what is known as the break, which will appear while watching the video. As for the user, it is intended for advertisers who have paid Facebook to display their ads in this place, just as with Google through its YouTube platform, allowing publishers to take advantage of its platform. .

Earn money from Facebook 2020 videos

Through this article, we will learn about the method in a somewhat detailed way, so you can spend your time on Facebook and other platforms with something that benefits your pocket, your life, and your future, instead of wasting time on trivial things and practices such as chatting in empty matters and forming illegitimate love relationships, etc.

Are you eligible to earn from Facebook 2020?

It is important to apply the conditions that qualify you to monetize your videos on Facebook, and you just have to follow the following points:

  1.  You must have a page in your account, to earn from the personal page, the profile or group group is forbidden and you cannot earn up to one cent.
  2.  Followers of the page must have a maximum of 10,000 followers, and for this you must learn how to increase the number of fans of your page by enriching its content and publishing it in many places or by conducting a general promotion of the page in order to reach this goal.
  3.  It is important for the page to adhere to the policy of making profits for the partners represented in adhering to the standards of society, and among these criteria is not to publish an inflammatory or terrorist video inciting violence and murder.
  4.  The video clip must be 3 minutes or longer, which is a prerequisite and is less than this period. Ad slots will not appear in your videos, so be sure to record and upload 4/5 minutes or more of your videos.
  5.  You also need to submit 30,000 minutes to the department for at least 3 minutes, which is a difficult but required situation, and you are eligible to monetize Facebook clips. You should reach this number.
  6.  This service is provided in the country in which you reside, and a number of countries are allowed to benefit from video clips in their countries and a total of only 44 countries, including only three Arab countries (Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and many European countries and America , Facebook will send a number of other countries respectively.
  7.  Therefore you should review the link to help the media and publishers also offer supported countries and languages, including Arabic, English and French, for a total of only 17 languages ​​at the time of writing this topic.

How do I know that my Facebook page is eligible for profit?

Go to the link, click here, and you will find sufficient and sufficient information about the eligibility of your beige or your page. There are four conditions. The requirement will be fulfilled in green, otherwise the percentage will be red or yellow.

The page should comply with Facebook policy exactly as it is in groups and events, and among the policies is that the page does not impersonate brands or entities and this is contrary, with no gambling or lottery games being promoted without written permission and other points we cannot mention here.

are you ready?

Read these requirements and conditions well and apply them for a job and a good monthly income for independence and get rid of the office routine and annoying employers.

So we advise you, dear, if you decide to take this important step, study it well and work to record exclusive videos that others do not own so that they do not fall under the penalty of punishment and ban. And the owners of money, the owners of huge money.

If you are skilled, this is very easy, record your videos and put them on Facebook page and earn money and ear

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