How to factory reset usb

How to factory reset USB

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Frequently hesitate among users a question about how to work software for flash and repair? So, we decided the team and the work is being done to explain how the factory adjusts the flash and return the flash to the factory condition to fix all the problems and defects in it.

It has a lot of USB flash drives and uses it for many tasks,
Such as transferring files, videos, and pictures, or watching movies,
By connecting it to the TV and many other uses for the flash

But over time, a lot of problems may appear with the USB flash,
Because it is connected between more than one computer and the solution at this time is to make formatting for the flash,
But the chopper might not fit with some other flash and the problem continues,
For this reason, we will learn how to make a butterfly factory setting to return it to its original state.

Explain the program hdd llf low-level format length

Initially, we will need to download and install the HDD LLF Low-Level Format Tool available in two versions,
A copy that needs to be installed, and a portable or portable version, which does not require installation,
This program will help you to return the flash, hard and memory card,
To set the factory and fix all the problems that you were suffering from.

Not only that, as this program is very necessary,
Especially when considering selling your hard or flash at the same time,
Be worried that after purchase, anyone will retrieve the files they were in before,
But this program will work on formatting and formatting the hard or flash to prevent recovery of your files again.

As for how to use the program, it is very easy,
All you have to do after downloading and installing the program is to connect the flash to the computer,
The flash will appear with you in the program immediately,
You select the flash and press “Continue” as in the image below.

HDD llf low-level format tool

The second step selects the “Low-Level Format” section and then click on, “Format this device”,
And you must in this step,
Wait for the form to finish,
For your flash, hard or memory stick and return it to factory mode.

The goal of this method is to permanently get rid of all the problems that were present in the flash,
In addition to something very important,
It is permanently deleting very important data, especially if you are considering selling a flash or this hard drive.

That’s all

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