know who is following you on Instagram and who visited your profile

How to know who is following you on Instagram and who visited your profile

Curiosity within us all revolves around who is following us on social networks and who is interested in what we post, and you may need to know who is following you on Instagram

and watching the surrounding people and knowing who is visiting the profile via Instagram and luckily there is more than one way to do it, so let’s get to know it.

How to know who is following you on Instagram

If you use the original app, it will take a lot of effort from you, as you will have to log into an account separately to find out.

irst, enter the personal page of the account you wish to know whether or not it is following you.
If this person is following you, you will see at the top of the page a word that follows you.
If he does not follow you, this word will not appear in his personal account.

The truth is that the method is simple, but it takes time and effort, and may not give us enough data, such as who canceled our follow-up, for example.

How do I know who deactivated Instagram?

So that we can see who is following us and who has unfollowed my Instagram account, it is now better to rely on specialized programs to do so, and among the best of these is.

Followers Assistant program

Which provides you with a unique set of data about who is following you and who has canceled.

The application is divided into three main pages:

first page

When you first download the app, you’ll find it blank, but once you’ve linked it to your Instagram account, you’ll see a bunch of notifications constantly, about who recently followed you and who unsubscribed.

the second page

Here all the accounts you follow will be displayed, so these accounts will not follow you.

Through the application, you can cancel the follow-up of these accounts once by clicking on the unsubscribe icon.

last page

You will see all the accounts you follow and follow you in return.

You can download Followers Assistant for Android here and iPhone here.

Program to find out who visited my Instagram profile

You can also use some distinct programs that let you know who visited your profile, and give you a set of detailed data about these accounts.

Among the best of these programs is the Followers Insight for Instagram app for Android, which gives you information about people who visited your profile and many other information.

A similar program for the iPhone that gives you the same stats is the Social View for Instagram app. Promoted (idraaak)


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