How to remove scratches from mobile screen

How to remove scratches from mobile screen

Welcome to my followers and visitors. Welcome back to a very useful explanation for users of all phones, especially touch-screen phones that are always scratched, dirt or ejaculate, whether it is in protection or the phone screen itself, through this article, you will be able to enumerate many solutions regarding defusing scratches and scams From your phone screen mostly, many of us are always exposed to a phone falling multiple times and most of the time the phone falls on the screen. In this case, the phone screen comes under other things that are vulnerable to scratching as a result of the phone falling from your hand, your children’s hand, or somewhere.

But in this post, you will learn about some proven solutions to remove scratches and get rid of them on the screen permanently, God willing, and there are many ways that you will know during this interpretation.

4 ways to remove scratches from the screen:

1- Toothpaste method
2- Children’s powder method
3- Use soda bicarbonate
4 – Use a car scratch remover

First: Using toothpaste:

Yes, trustworthy, don’t be surprised by this solution. You will be sure to try it yourself. Place the toothpaste on places with scratches on the screen, then transfer it to this place in a circle, then leave the phone for 10 to 15 minutes.

Then bring a small cloth, preferably cotton, if available
Gently clean the phone from the paste, then clean the screen with a few drops of water and see the result for yourself.

Second: Baby powder

How to Remove Scratches from your Smartphone's Screen - YouTube
First, put a little ice powder (baby powder) on the places of scratches and move it with your hand. Leave your phone for 15 to 20 minutes. Next, clean the powder screen by bringing a small piece of cloth and moistening this fabric with some water droplets and seeing the result.

Third: Using baking soda.

When we use this method, we only need to make a thick paste made of water and baking soda, then put it on the screen and then gently transfer it, then clean it well with wet towels,
Many in the dungeon will say where to find baking soda
The soda bicarbonate can be replaced with cornstarch for an effective result and your phone is free of scratches.

Fourth: Using a car scratch remover.

There are a lot of materials to remove scratches on cars, and you can get them from one of the stores of these products, which are abundant, then put a few of them on the screen of your phone and then use a piece of cotton to wipe it ..

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