How to update the graphics card

How to update the graphics card

The graphics card is an important piece in the computer, and it is responsible for processing and outputting graphics and images, playing electronic games, displaying them on the device screen, and running some other programs, such as 3D programs, engineering programs, and there is a difference between the graphics cards in terms of quality, capacity, performance, and graphics card needs to be defined manually after updating the device in order for the user to use a device with good efficiency, and the ability to take full advantage of the graphics card services.

Types of graphics cards

Types of graphics cards:1- There is an internal graphics card, as is the case with most laptops, which is integrated with the processor itself, as the internal graphics card, or built-in, depends on the ability of the processor and RAM to perform the work, and if the work is limited to browsing the Internet, watching movies, and writing And run some small games, this will enable the internal graphics card to perform the purpose properly, which does not affect the price of the computer, because it is cheap.


2- The external graphics card is separate, installed separately, and dependent on itself without consuming the power of the processor or RAM. It is considered one of the most efficient and powerful cards compared to the integrated graphics card in terms of high-resolution graphics processing, large games, graphics, or montage and design operations, and if the person is a maker of Movies, designer, or fond of video games must choose the appropriate graphics card for him because he will need an external video card to put it in his device.


The factors between the cards

The difference between the cards is in:

1- GPU Speed.

2- Direct X card support,

3- RAMDAC Speed,

4- Memory Speed,

5- Resolution,

6- BIOS Card,

7- Pipeline,

8- Access time,

9- Refresh Rate,

10- GPU unit,

11-  Band Width.

How to update the graphics card


How to update the graphics card; We enter the control panel, then we enter the Hardware and Sound, and the Device Mangerardware and Sound option will appear to us, then we choose the Device Manager option, then a new window will appear for us on the computer screen through which we can update many things.

After entering the new window, we will show us the display adapters for the cards, and we choose from them the card, whether the internal type of Intel, or an external card that is of type NVIDIA, and the other meaning is AMD, and we right-click on the Update Driver Software option.

The tool will look for updating the drivers for the graphics card, so if the existing update is the latest version that has not been updated, we wait a little longer, then the update will take place.

In the event that the definition of the graphics card is not available in the first place, it must be downloaded through the internet through the official tariff websites, which are characterized by security and the absence of problems

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