How to use the App Clips feature in iOS 14

How to use the App Clips feature in iOS 14

Offers system ( your iOS 14 ) Many of the new features of the phones iPhone, and is a feature of App Clips, ( video clips application ), one of the advantages that promise to make your life easier, where they can give you the App Clips feature instant access to certain functions of the application when you need it even if The app was not installed on the iPhone, and if you are wondering how and what purpose the App Clips feature in iOS 14 can continue reading.

What is the App Clips feature available in iOS 14?

This feature is similar to a small part of any application that provides some specific functions, as it enables you to use the application without actually installing it, and this can also be useful for many different goals.

For example, if you need to pay for parking but you don’t have the specific app, you can pay quickly with the App Clips feature if you have it.

The possibilities will be endless as developers create lots of application clips for different types of tasks.

App Clips feature in iOS 14

How to use the App Clips feature in iOS 14 using an iPhone

App Clips can be accessed via links in the Safari browser (iMessage) and maps, as well as through NFC tags or app segment icons designed exclusively by Apple.

When you click on (App clip link) or scan (QR) code using iPhone camera or NFC reader, a card will appear at the bottom of the screen, you can click on the card to open the app clip and complete the task or transaction you want to do, this It means that there is no need to download a new application to use a specific service it provides.

Moreover, the new feature works with (Apple Pay), so you do not need to enter your card information. Likewise, you can save your log in to any separate accounts by taking advantage of the login using your Apple account.

The new feature will not be confused on your home screen and it will only appear when you need it, however, you can easily access the applications used in the last period of the application library.

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