Learn about the 6 most powerful tools used in e-marketing

Learn about the 6 most powerful tools used in e-marketing

E-marketing is a very important and widespread field, and demand has increased in the recent period, whether you are a marketer or a regular.

The tools we’ll look at in this article will definitely help you in advertising your site or products, and we will not expand them. Let’s start with a direct explanation.

1. Sumo

This tool helps you send very professional promotional emails by providing you with a very large number of free templates that can be used to send professional emails. The tool also provides you with templates to create landing pages for use in promoting your offers.

2. Google Search Console

This tool from Google helps you test your site as if you were a user and not as a site owner, in addition to helping you know the technical problems on your site and knowing the keywords that your site leads to so that you can use the equivalent words on top of your site or the thing that drives the search results.


This tool allows you to track all your competitors from one place instead of logging in to every page a person or person views daily. Through the tool, you can list all competitors’ websites that you follow, then track them all across the site without problems.

4. Evernote

The marketer should always browse many websites daily, whether they are related to marketing or related to competitors or others, and certainly there is information in these sites that you need to save for your reference later, and this tool is provided for you to record any notes from any site and return them at any time Quite easily.

5. Muncheye

Through this tool, you can see all the offers that are currently popular for you as a marketer to promote these offers, and not only that, but the tool provides you with the source of the offer, the way to promote it and the way to register for that, and there is a very nice feature in the tool that contains a section It tells you the product offers, the next release date and market history will help you a lot, because it will enable you to be the first to promote this product before anyone else.

6. Clickmeter

This site is great in the full sense of the word because you can follow your advertising campaigns and know the success of the special campaign, in addition to that the tool gives you complete analyzes about the campaign and about your site as well, and through it you as a marketer or website owner can analyze the visits that come to your site or your ad campaign.


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