Learn about the benefits and features of fiber optic cables

Learn the benefits of optical fiber cables

Hello and welcome to Mekano Tech ‘ followers and visitors in a new and useful article on optical fiber cables, or another evening of optical fibers. Let’s start by understanding exactly what these optical fiber cables are; First, it is a set of network cables that contain specific glass fibers in the form of twigs placed inside an insulated sheath. Designed for long distances, it is a high performance data network in addition to communication. If you compare this functionality and capabilities with wired cables, these optical cables have a much higher frequency range and therefore have the ability to transmit data over long distances. Of course there are some reasons why companies use this fiber material instead of anything else.

Optical fiber cables consist of:


1. The core, a very thin cylinder of ultra clear glass, the thickness of which does not exceed the thickness of the hair through which light travels.
2. The nucleus or reflector (cladding), which is the nucleus designed to continuously reflect light to remain within the glass mold.
3. Insulating coating is a plastic wrap that covers the core and core and protects them from damage.

Let’s take a look at the advantages:

• Less expenditures must be taken into account

Of course, the amount of money needed is many things. Anyone can choose a cheaper cable line compared to others while providing excellent service. It is said that tons of miles of this type of cable can be provided to be available at a much cheaper price compared to other types. This not only saves your provider, but also a large amount of your money. So you should definitely choose this type to save extra money from spending.


• The transportation capacity is very high

Since the diameter of these fibers is thinner, a greater number of wires can be bundled together for use when compared to other types. This gives a much wider path to skip more phone lines across the same cable line or perhaps get more cable channels into the top box. Either way, the benefits are plentiful. So the higher the load, the greater the benefit.

Much less chance of losing deterioration

The best and most useful features are likely to be for all users of this type of cable, and the possibility of degradation of optical fibers is much less, so people always choose not to face the problem of signal loss. It can be a really annoying stage when you have a cable line with countless problems getting signals. Thus, to avoid this problem, people choose fiber optics and greatly enjoy their use.

By seeing the most important benefits you can achieve easily, there are some really noteworthy advantages in using these materials that can give you a smoother process, so you should choose these features without any delay or discussion.

Digital signal transmission:

Optical fibers are ideal for transmitting digital signals used in computer networks.

Safe against fire:

Optical fibers do not use any electrical signals, so it is a safe way to transmit information and optical signals over long distances without fear of fire damage caused by electric charges.


Optical fibers are lightweight compared to copper wires, and they occupy a small area when supplied underground, compared to the large area occupied by metal wire cables.

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