How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023 2022

How to Make Money on Instagram

Do you want to make money from Instagram? Want to have followers on your Instagram account? How to earn thousands of dollars from Instagram?

Facebook-owned Instagram is among the most important social platforms and apps ever, as the platform outperforms many of its competitors like Pinterest and other photo apps.

It is the place that has become a destination for many Internet users and people trying to save a place for themselves in this great social network, for self-realization and fame.

In addition to making money for free from Insta, the last way, which is to make money via Instagram, is among the most important things everyone wants! Are you looking for ideas to take advantage of Instagram?

Ways to make money from Instagram 2023 2022

Profit behind Instagram made possible, Instagram officially announced that it would allow everyone to make money from Instagram, in a surprising and happy move for many of the pioneers of the Instagram photo platform, and revealed two ways to earn money from Instagram which are:

 Buy badges badges

One way to earn money from Instagram is to buy badges or what is known in English as Badges and what the badge means is a badge, as this allows buying the badge while streaming live video on Instagram Live.

Live broadcast viewers can support the channel owner or account by purchasing one badge during the live video, as this badge will appear next to the user name they purchased in the case of a comment, a tool to distinguish their comments from other comments from others.

This helps the content creator or video owner know who bought these badges, as he can respond to them without other fans and followers, with many comments, the famous account owner or account owner cannot reply to all comments.

This in turn will benefit him from making a profit from his Instagram account.

So imagine if you had an account on Instagram and you have a large number of Arab and foreign followers, for example, and you broadcast the video directly and bought one badge, how much will you earn from the money behind those operations?

 How many Instagram earnings from badges

Prices vary from badge to badge, and range from 0.99, that is, only $ 1, $ 1.99, and $ 4.99.

Currently, during the company’s trial period, profits will not be shared between Instagram and the visual content maker, but in the near future, there will be a percentage that Instagram will get.

Profit terms from buying badges on Instagram

  • You have an Instagram account.
  • She has many followers and fans, which is an answer to what is the benefit of increasing Instagram followers.
  • Great interaction on the platform.
  • Encourage your followers to purchase Instagram badges or statuses.
  • Profit from Instagram badges only in a live broadcasts.

And you are the owner of the account or the channel on Instagram, try to ask your followers to complete purchases of badges to distinguish them from others in the comments written under the video, and the more you buy, the more you win. The important thing is that the account has millions of flu followers.

 Make money on Instagram using IGTV ads

How to make money from Instagram doesn’t stop buying badges in live broadcasts in Instagram videos, but there is another way that Facebook provides to allow everyone to earn money from the internet through the world’s largest and largest platform.

The method relies on displaying ads inside the long IGTV video platform or known as Instagram TV, because it relies on watching a long video that differs from what is found in Instagram stories of no more than 15 seconds.

Since in-video ads will be displayed in a manner similar to the way ads are shown on YouTube channels, the content creator can earn money by displaying ads within the videos uploaded to their account.

Terms of earning money from IGTV ads

  • You have an Instagram account.
  • Powerful and interactive with lots of comments and likes.
  • Upload long videos to display the ad inside.
  • The video is exclusive and not copied or stolen.
  • Daily posting on Instagram.

 How much is an Instagram ad

Profits will be shared between Instagram and the content maker, as Instagram video content creator will get up to 55% of advertising revenue, in addition to Instagram earnings.

Advertising is the owner of a company, organization, or any of the major companies that want to target people through this large platform, by showing ads for products, goods, and other things while watching a video, which is beneficial to them and the company and content maker as well.

Make money on Facebook 2023 2022 videos:

It is noteworthy that Facebook launched a way to earn money from videos on a Facebook page, where anyone with a Facebook page can earn money quickly from behind this page, but under the following circumstances:

  1. Achieve a large percentage of views.
  2. The page complies with the profit policy and laws.
  3. The video was not stolen or copied, that is, it does not possess intellectual property rights.
  4. Daily posting on the page.
  5. The page complies with the terms and conditions.

Make money from Google 2023 2022

It is also worth noting that YouTube is represented by Google, and Facebook has preceded these methods long ago, when Google allowed earning money from channel ads on YouTube, ads placed on websites, in addition to other methods that allow it to enable the user to earn money in fast, reliable and honest ways.

there are many, many ways to earn money from Instagram, including also earning through commission or marketing commission and other ways, but my way to earn money from Instagram is by purchasing badges, and image ads on IGTV are the most prominent, most formal, and honest.


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