How to Fix Storage Full Problem on Android Phone

How to Fix Storage Full Problem on Android Phone

Most Android phones come with a low storage capacity, ranging from 2 to 32 GB, suffer from the problem of filling the storage space in their phones
There are many reasons behind a complete storage issue, and there are a set of solutions that will help you solve this problem and save more storage space

 Free up Android space

Users can solve the problem of low space in Android devices through the option to free up space available within devices, and can be accessed by following these steps:
Open the device settings app.

  1. Click “Storage.”
  2. Click the Free up space option.
  3. Click the box next to the file you want to delete, or click the “Review recent items” option if the file you want is not in the current list.
  4. Click Free Up to delete the selected items.

 Transfer files to a memory card

Users can transfer files to a memory card (SD card) to free up space from Android devices, and the memory card is available in various sizes commensurate with the use and size of the data to be transferred and stored on it, and the price is usually low since the price ranges from $ 10 to $ 19 depending on the size, It can be obtained from the store or purchased online from various websites such as Amazon.

 Clear Android cache

Users can clear the cache to get additional space and free space quickly, and the process is done by following these steps:

  1. Open the device settings app.
  2. Click “Storage.”
  3. Click the “Cached Data” option, then edit the cached data.

Other measures to solve the problem low space

Other actions that a user can take to solve a problem include:

  1. Uninstall apps that don’t use and take up much space on the device.
  2. Delete photos and videos. Delete the downloads folder.
  3. Factory settings
  4. . Transfer files and data to different cloud storage applications like: Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive

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