6 tips for fixing the issue of not uploading files to Google Drive

6 tips for fixing the issue of not uploading files to Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular and widely used cloud storage services because it integrates with the multiple services of Google Inc. However, we find that the service may sometimes be unable to download files from your computer to the cloud storage.

Here are 6 tips to fix an issue where not downloading files from your computer to Google Drive:

1- Check your internet connection:

You must verify that the no-download issue is not due to a problem with your internet connection, and to check this in Windows 10, press the (Windows + I) buttons on the keyboard to open (Settings), then click Network and Internet Option Here you will know if you are connected to the Internet or not.

If you’re using a Mac computer, open the network tool with Spotlight, and you’ll find here the connection status and you’ll know if the computer is sending and receiving data or not, and if the problem persists, try restarting the router.

2- Restart the backup and sync tool:

You can restart the backup and sync tool on your computer, by clicking on its icon in the taskbar, then clicking on the menu icon, and once opened, choose Quit Backup and Sync.

To turn it back on, type (backup & sync) in the windows search box in the bottom left of the screen, then start it when it appears on the side screen.

3- Disable ad blocker for Google Drive:

If you’re having trouble downloading files from your computer and have the adblocking add-on in your browser, try disabling them when uploading files, or add Google Drive to the whitelist.

4- Dividing the volume into small parts:

If you try to download a huge folder that contains a large number of files at one time, this may cause a lot of pressure on your internet connection, after which the download will be interrupted or stopped to Google Drive, then you must enter the folder and select download files individually, Google Drive will be queued automatically.

5- Clear browser data:

The browser automatically saves cookies, cache and other data to facilitate browsing the internet, however, this data can sometimes also lead to browsing problems, such as the inability to download files, so you should make sure to clear your private browsing data To if the problem recurs when uploading files to Google Drive.

6- Using a different browser:

If the previous solutions did not solve the problem, try using a different browser than the one you are using to upload files to Google Drive and remember to update the browser to the latest version.

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