Password detector for displaying Wi-Fi wireless keys

Password detector for displaying Wi-Fi wireless keys

Welcome to a new and unique educational program that everyone is also looking for to see passwords pre-saved on your computer for Wi-Fi networks.

Displaying the wireless key to show the password stored by Wi-Fi networks on your computer and laptop helps you check the Wi-Fi network on the computer, recover the password, and know the type of protection used to encrypt the Wi-Fi network

Sometimes we connect to Wi-Fi but we don’t know what the current password is for the network. There are many ways, but there is a new free program that has proven effective in this field and works to search for networks that have contacted in the past and then displays the name of the Wi-Fi network except for the wire and password, this program is free for Nir Soft and you can download it directly from the company’s website which is Zip Portable File All you need after downloading is to unzip the file and the program does not need to be installed

It is worth noting that the software is unable to monitor and know the passwords of the non-owned Wi-Fi network that you did not previously access from the computer.

(Wireless Key View) is one of the most powerful free small tools that allow all categories of users to access their Wi-Fi networks and recover and reveal the password approved in the protection of the wireless network, which was previously stored on the computer, you can use the Hex password directly encrypted and quickly access To WiFi from a computer or mobile device, and surf the Internet.

The software is light on the system and does not consume processor and RAM resources, you can now download Wireless Key View and use it on your computer to recover and know your Wi-Fi wireless password for free for life.

Program benefits:

Recover Wi-Fi passwords
It works on all Windows systems
Easy to use for beginners
Detailed information about the network
Delete old network adapter keys
Store passwords in a file or folder

Program Version: 06.2
Size: 74 KB
License: freeware “freeware”
11/22/2018: Another update
Operating system: Windows 7/10/10
Download the latest version, click here

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