PlayStation 5 – accessories and expected price

PlayStation 5 – accessories and expected price

Finally, Sony unveils the new generation PlayStation 5 devices. Find out what your device looks like, accessories, and expected price.

Sony recently showcased more about the new generation of the popular PlayStation 5 console. We have already seen chief engineer Mark Cerny break the components. Today, we looked at its impressive library of upcoming games. But Sony Interactive Entertainment also decided to show us the shape of the device box.

What does the PlayStation 5 look like?

The PlayStation 5 design comes in two variants, one of which is called the digital edition that doesn’t look like an optical drive.


You can see PlayStation 5 in the image above. The two-color design comes from the DualSense gaming board that Sony showed earlier this year. But you can also watch PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which does not have a drive. Instead, it has a more consistent look. The sale could also be reasonably priced, but Sony has not provided any information about this right now.

PlayStation 5 accessories

In addition to the box, Sony also unveiled a number of peripherals and accessories.

In the image above, you can see a new wireless headset, remote control, charging base and 3D camera. Both accessories match the aesthetics of the PS5 series as a whole. It looks like you can play games on Star Wars stormtrooper.

What all this means for PlayStation 5

The multiple form factors of the PS5 and a host of ready-to-use keyboards as Sony says may seem great to users, but they are. This is a sign that Sony is looking to increase revenue from these devices. Previous reports claimed that Sony Interactive Entertainment was struggling to cut the cost of PlayStation PS5. Now it is clear that Sony is planning to deal with this by launching two different versions.

Sony will have multiple reasons for launching a digital version of the PS5 and means selling it on the platform online. Initially because people who buy games pay more digital money. They do not exchange games, and they have a credit card associated with their PSN account. This facilitates the sale of small transactions and other digital goods to them.

The expected price for the Playstation 5

But the other reason why the PS5 digital edition makes sense for Sony is marketing. This is the same reason why average cinemas sell popcorn, and then popcorn is much larger for only 25 cents. If the PS5 was launched at $ 500 or $ 600. Sony can release the digital edition for $ 450 or $ 550. This gives people a mental pathway to persuade themselves that they are paying an additional $ 50 for a more capable product instead of the $ 600 price.

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