Samsung plans to bring wireless charging feature to Galaxy A

Samsung plans to bring wireless charging feature to Galaxy A

Samsung Galaxy A series phones – the budget is limited – from Samsung is the most popular phone for consumers today, and is expected to become more popular in the near future, as the company plans to bring the advantage of wireless charging to it in order to maintain its competitiveness.

How does Samsung plan to bring the wireless charging feature of Galaxy A phones?

Currently, we find that the Galaxy A90, which comes with a high-quality (Snapdragon 855) processor, is the only phone in the Samsung A group that supports wireless charging,

but according to a report by Elec, it has been revealed that the company may soon introduce the wireless charging feature in the Galaxy A50 models. And Galaxy A70.

The same feature is also expected to be available on the upcoming Galaxy A51 5G and Galaxy A71 5G models,

and Samsung is said to have made a decision to include wireless charging in its phones – with a limited budget – in order to compensate for the low demand on its phones. The flagship, such as: Galaxy 10 and Galaxy Note 10.

Since the new Apple iPhone SE – which came with budget category phones – comes with wireless charging, it makes sense for Samsung to offer the same feature in its upcoming phones belonging to this category; To compete more strongly in the budget phone market.

When will we see the wireless charging feature in the economical Samsung phones?

The report indicates that Galaxy A phone models, scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of this year, 2020 are very likely to feature this feature, and indicates that Samsung can conclude a deal to produce wireless charging units with South Korean-based Hansol. Technologies or Amotech.

It is clear that the India-based Chemtronics, which provided wireless charging systems for the Galaxy S20, is now apparently working on producing wireless chargers for its flagship phones, however, Samsung still needs to enter into negotiations with these companies to reduce the cost of production Wireless charging unit.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that reports have appeared about Samsung expanding the wireless charging feature to its phones with a limited budget, as a report appeared for the first time in 2018 confirming that Samsung is working to reduce the gap between its budget and its low phones, by bringing in more features Periodically developed for these phones.

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