Speed up Windows 10 rocket

Speed up Windows 10 rocket

Sometimes when you update to the old Windows 10, you might be surprised that the system isn’t working properly,
The intention of the system here is Windows 10, for many reasons, the most important of which is your computer, whether it is recent or not.
Because the Windows 10 architecture and developments are tested on modern, not older, computers.
This is one of the problems of Windows 10 among some of the users who have old computers,
And due to some Windows Ten problems,
In this article, we offer some solutions to speed up Windows 10 like a missile,
Simple steps to reduce Windows 10 on your device and consume all resources.
In order to fully enjoy Windows,
And run your favorite programs without any problems or a final delay in Windows,

How to speed up Windows 10

Windows 10 has a built-in program to fight viruses and scan your device periodically.
To ensure that malware is free with the ability to remove it, the program is called Windows Defender, first, we open the program, follow the steps.

  • To open Windows Defender, click on the Start menu in which you will find Windows Defender, click on it for a slot, or search for it.
  • Windows will open this window with you selecting “Virus & threat protection” as shown in this image
  • Click on “Scan options” as shown in this image
  • After opening, we will check the “Full” option on the left and then click on “Scan Now”. The program will scan and mark viruses if there are any threats that harm your computer, as shown in the image.

Speed up Windows

Your device is affected, of course, by programs that work in the background, and there are programs that you do not use that run when you unpack the computer, and these programs affect the performance of the device negatively because you do not use them all, but operate in the background, in this step we will make a stop of all programs that It works when running Windows, just follow the steps with me,

  1. You right-click on the taskbar, and then choose “Task Manager”,
    or use the shortcut from the keyboard “Ctrl + Shift + Esc”, and then choose Task Manager
  2. After you open Task Manager, you click on “Startup”,
  3. You will find all the programs that run when Windows starts up,
    stop unnecessary programs, by checking them and then clicking on the word Disable, as shown in this picture.


  • You restart the computer after completing this step.

Here I finished an article and explained the acceleration of Windows 10, I presented some things that will enable you to speed up your computer,

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