Temp Monitor for Mac 2021 direct link

Temp Monitor for Mac 2021 direct link

Temp Monitor for Mac is a great and useful tool you need if you are a Mac user, because it monitors and measures the temperature of each piece of the device and sends notices and audible and visual alerts to warn you when the processor temperature or other parts of the Mac exceed the safe temperature level, and also provides program information About the fan’s fan speed and spin, you can download it for free to protect your device from the excessive heat that might ruin your Mac.

Measuring the temperature of each Mac:

downloads the latest version of 2021 for Mac, although most Apple devices from Apple come with highly efficient cooling designs for these devices, but there are situations and times when processors arrive to work extensively and with great pressure, which means higher temperature and more The temperature in your Mac is for you, so we’ll review with you Temp Monitor for Mac Temp Monitor, which monitors and monitors the temperature for each piece of the user’s Mac.

Temp Monitor for Mac is a great tool that displays all the sensors in your Mac device and when the temperature rises and the device warms up, the program immediately alerts you to take the necessary and cool the device, because it keeps Temp Monitor for Mac aware of the temperature of each piece of device Mac, including processor, along with a review of the speed of each fan running on the device and other information about it, such as its current speed, maximum, and minimum revolutions per minute per fan.

Features of Temp Monitor for Mac, latest version 2021:

And when the temperature exceeds the safe limit on your Mac and if you are occupied with something far from the device, Temp Monitor for Mac will make sound and visual notifications set by default which will not disappear unless the user manually removes them and this feature is very useful to warn the user when the device overheats The temperature rises.

In short, Temp Monitor for Mac is an unobtrusive tool that supports a number of languages ​​such as French, Vietnamese and English, and works to review all parts and sensors on your Mac while providing a name, description, status graph, temperature of each segment as well as fan speed and information About the voltage, current and power that the device uses and all of this in order to prevent the device from exceeding the normal temperature, thus protecting your device from overheating with ease and free.

Additional information about the program:

Size: 9.2 MB
Current version: 1.4.2 (53)
Mac version: OS X 10.11.0 or later
Developer: vimistudios
download click here

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