The best way to maintain and repair the hard disk

The best way to maintain and repair the hard disk


What is a Hard desk?

One of the basics on which the computer is built today is the presence of four main parts in it: the motherboard, central processing unit, random access memory, and hard disk, and these four parts the computer can never work without as it needs it to start its operations and to enable the user to enter and deal with it and with the system in which it operates , And the focus of this article on the hard disk or the hard disk, which is the permanent memory that the computer contains where all the data is stored on the computer on that disk, which the user can store his data on, and also the ability to modify it within the disk and deal with it, and it is considered The data and information center where the operating system that links the physical and moral components of the computer is placed on it, and it is also the source of storing applications, files, and information where data can in no way be preserved without returning to it and without being present on the computer.

Sometimes the hard disk may be disrupted and this is a great disaster especially for those who do not have backup copies of the information that they have which leads them to the loss and loss of information that may be very important and very important in their lives and greatly affect their lives and their job opportunities especially if it is for a company or a researcher or even files from The memories cannot be recovered or work that has been worked on for a long time, and it is impossible to accept their loss due to a simple failure of that disk.

Therefore, all those who encounter malfunctions in their hard disks resort to maintenance for him urgently and immediately, but it is not that easy that many believe that the hard disk if what was broken by it is some external electrical circuits that are easily replaced by the same type of hard and then It comes back to work, but if the main problem is the internal reader for the hard or even the drive that drives the internal disks, here a problem arises that may not be easy to maintain and repair; The reason for this is that the hard disk cannot be opened without damaging it.

The reader is a very small needle, one grain of sand or one grain of dust can stop its work and scratch the discs and destroy the information on those discs. If the user encounters a problem with the needle or Even an engine that rotates the discs, it must work to provide a sterile room at a rate that exceeds the rate that sterilizes surgery for humans, and there must be tools and microscopes that are very sensitive to be able to change the needle or the engine in the middle, so the maintenance process of this problem is a more specialized process Including a literal process or y Medicines, and often hard disk manufacturers, allow our customers to send the hard drive for repair and maintenance so that they can recover data, but the price provided for that service is rather large, so it is very expensive and depends on the importance of the information that is on the disk.

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