The pros and cons of modern technology

The pros and cons of modern technology

The positive effects of technology
Improve the learning process
Technology positively affects the learning process, as follows:

  1. Helping students to do their homework.
  2. Facilitating the research process for many different topics.
  3. Learn the basics of spelling and counting for young graduate students in a fun way.
  4. Enabling students to learn the distance at the right time for them.
  5.  Increasing learning opportunities, where it is possible through technology to attend training courses and learn different lessons directly via the Internet, for example learning a new language.

Technological positives at work

There are many benefits and advantages offered by technology in the field of work

  • Improve communications: Technology allows you to stay in touch with others, regardless of distance, through a regular call, video call, or simply by sending text messages, either through websites or social media, and on the other hand, the technology works To improve employee interaction and communication with each other at work, as well as to facilitate the exchange of information related to work. For example, it is possible to use Skype to share information and projects in all different departments, as well as support for decision-making processing.

  • Improving human resources management: Technology helps to improve the work of human resources management through improving the process of evaluating employees and appointing new employees, in addition to the possibility of employment through the use of the Internet, which leads to saving a lot of time that can be spent while doing many procedures and facilitating Human Resources Officer work assignments.


  • Tracking employee performance: Technology allows to track employee performance and productivity, which will increase productivity.

Other positives of technology

Technology has many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Storage of Information: Technology allows the storage of vast amounts of information against a relatively small storage space.
  •  Achieve fun and enjoyment: Many people may enjoy fun and enjoyment through the use of social media, or through playing various computer games.
  •  Getting news: News sources are available all day long via websites or social media.
  •  Helping people with special needs: Technology provides opportunities for people with special needs to lead a normal life by receiving many lessons and lessons.

The negative effects of technology

There are several negative impacts of technology, including:

  1.  Impact on social relationships: Technology impacts social relationships negatively because communication via text messages, email, or through various applications does not replace direct contact face to face, as technology can lead to isolation and depression due to a loss of the ability to communicate with others
  2.  Lack of privacy: Technology contributes to a lack of privacy, allowing anyone to obtain personal information, such as a person’s name, address, and contact information.
  3.  Impact on sleep: Technology affects bad sleep habits, as an individual can stay up to an hour late on the Internet, and phone light may reduce the secretion of the hormone melatonin, a chemical that promotes sleep.

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